Yup, it’s time to practise your fist-pumps, dust down your shiniest pom-poms and get ready for some awesome breakthroughs in your personal and professional life. I’m a trainer, published author and award-winning coach – welcome to a world of lightbulb moments, sweet spots and mojo-boosting results….

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Discover the ‘Joy of Six’! Cut through to the core of any personal or professional challenge with just six simple yet powerful questions. FlowStateTM is a proven winning formula to put you in the zone where anything is possible.

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Want to wake up every morning feeling clear, calm and confident? Excited about leading and inspiring your people? As your Coach I will stretch and support you to exceed expectations – until your customers and colleagues are positively purring about you…

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Want an energised team of positive and proactive people? Buzzing to do their best for you? Give yourself and your team a mindset advantage in an uber-competitive world. Here’s how…

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Published in 2016 by Penguin Random House, my personal development book The Buddha in Me, the Buddha in You – a handbook for happiness has dozens of 5-star reviews and has sold thousands of copies worldwide. Also available in French – Le Bonheur dort au fond de Soi.

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The difference between arrogance and confidence

I was coaching a company director recently who was struggling to get the best from his team. In conversation he revealed that he was worried about appearing ‘too successful’, adding that there was a “very fine line between confidence and arrogance.”  But Buddhism explains that they come from completely different places. Confident leaders want other… read more

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