Personal Coaching

Hi, thanks for dropping by. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. Quick question – what’s on your mind?

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck or stressed? Confused, overwhelmed or anxious? Stuck in mediocrity or losing your mojo? (It’s in there somewhere). Or maybe you have a specific goal – to do with career change, time management, public speaking or relationships? Why all the questions, you may ask?

Well, it’s because you have all the answers somewhere inside and just need someone like me to help you dig them out. It’s a bit like hunting for truffles. I’ve been doing it for 12 years and have dozens of happy clients now munching on their own scrumptious truffles of wisdom, confidence and motivation across the UK, Europe, Australasia and the USA.

How does coaching work?

At the heart of every conversation you’ll find my unique FlowStateTM method, a proven formula that cuts to the core of every challenge you’ll ever face and will soon have you leaping out of bed in the morning, pom-poms at the ready for a day of awesomeness.

A typical coaching session lasts one hour – by phone, FaceTime or Skype. Or face-to-face at my office near Birmingham, UK (with a bonus of free tea and biscuits).

After each one I send you a detailed and personal 500-800 word summary of insights, ‘light-bulb moments’, commitments you’ve made to yourself and actions you’ve agreed to take.

Most people have big breakthroughs within four to six powerful sessions.

That’s how I got my own pom-poms out to win The Coaching Academy’s 2016 Life Coach of the Year award.

Yes, I want to find my truffles of wisdom, confidence and motivation!


“After exploring my Values with David, I was rewarded with a tremendous feeling of clarity, flow and contentment...”

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“Then, we all met Dave Dave, I cannot tell you what a big impact our first session had on me...”

Read more Sarah D., Birmingham

“Being coached by David made a huge difference to a challenging time I was facing and helped me make, with greater clarity...”

Read more Caitlin H, Melbourne, Australia

“My personal development has really hit home over the last 6/7 weeks. I can understand why I behave the way I do, say the things...”

Read more Lee M., Birmingham

“[...] I always let my lack of confidence hold me back. Over the past twelve months we have all been encouraged to be open and honest with how we feel and this has totally changed my mindset”

Read more Betty W., Stoke

Coaching FAQs

What’s different about your approach?
I get results. Lasting results. How? Because I know that the only way to change your behaviour is to transform your mindset (thoughts and emotions) first. Anything less is just ‘painting over rust’ – a temporary fix. My coaching approach is inspired by positive psychology, CBT, NLP, the mindset secrets of sporting champions, powerful lessons from business leaders and some profound yet practical Eastern wisdom. My goal is always to put myself out of business as quickly as possible with each new client, so that you can ‘fly solo’ and coach yourself.
What sort of people do you coach?
I coach anyone with an open mind, a seeking spirit and the determination to do the work between sessions. These include people from my own professional background (PR and logistics), start-up business owners and sales and customer service professionals. I also support people from the creative industries, including actors, designers and authors in London and Hollywood.
What does it feel like to be coached?
Welcome to a place where you are totally safe and absolutely know that you are the centre of attention. A place where you have time to think, a place where intuition thrives, a place where silence is welcome, a place where connections can be made, a place where a little bit of magic can happen… often when you least expect it.
Did I mention that I don’t wave magic wands?
That’s why I promise I will sometimes be firm with you – people only experience big leaps forward and lasting breakthroughs in their lives when they remove their own subconscious excuses for under-performance. The people who make the quickest progress are the ones who ‘do the work’ between sessions, rather than expecting me to wave a magic wand!