“My personal development has really hit home over the last 6/7 weeks. I can understand why I behave the way I do, say the things that I say and think the things I do. I look at what I’ve done, the differences I’ve made and take time to really appreciate what I bring to the table. A big thank you to David Hare for assisting me on my trip!”

Lee M., Birmingham

“Even though I wanted to progress further with my career, I always let my lack of confidence hold me back. Over the past twelve months we have all been encouraged to be open and honest with how we feel and this has totally changed my mindset which is thanks to the coaching and support from David Hare, who I have to say is Amazing. I have now been given the opportunity to take part in the Management Development Programme which I am so looking forward to completing over the next twelve months.”

Betty W., Stoke

“[...] Then, we all met Dave Hare...wow. Dave, I cannot tell you what a big impact our first session had on me. Quickly I saw that self-belief was seriously holding me back, being aware that “you cannot out-perform your self-esteem” was very powerful. I was ready and had the desire to change. Now, I seek opportunities at work to take myself out of my comfort zone and am so much happier as a result.”

Sarah D., Birmingham

“Being coached by David made a huge difference to a challenging time I was facing and helped me make, with greater clarity and confidence, some important decisions. He is extremely professional and has a creative approach that made me feel comfortable and inspired to achieve what I wanted. The follow-up notes that David provides after each session are also immensely valuable and help place the work we are doing in context. The whole experience has been energising and enjoyable!”

Caitlin H, Melbourne, Australia

“After exploring my Values with David, I was rewarded with a tremendous feeling of clarity, flow and contentment. David coached me through this journey towards success and happiness in a human ‘real world’ fashion.”

James L, London