Executive Workshops

Is your team bursting with talent, high IQ and natural ability? Of course they are!
And have they been on some of the best ever management development programmes?
But do you still find they’re performing below their full potential?
If this is you, then my 2-day EQ (emotional intelligence) workshop – The Mindset Advantage – will give you the breakthrough you’re looking for. This expertly blended programme, ideal for middle and senior management, draws on NLP, positive psychology, the thinking secrets of sporting champions, powerful lessons from business leaders and some profound yet practical Eastern wisdom.

My clients include senior managers and directors who come to me and say things like:

  • “I want my people to step up and be ready for promotion.”
  • “I want my team to be more valued by the business.”
  • “I want my guys to stop hiding behind data and start inspiring their people.”
  • “How do I get my team to spend less time firefighting and more time being strategic and creative?”
  • “I wish my managers had the confidence to hold their people accountable.”
  • “I wish my people were more engaged and had higher morale.”
  • “I want my team to make bold decisions, without always asking for my input.”

At the end of this workshop, you’ll have a re-energised team of positive and proactive people. Buzzing to do their best for you. People who believe in their own ability, have the clarity to set exciting goals and have the insight and determination to get the best out of themselves and their colleagues. People who have a crucial mindset advantage in an uber-competitive world. How is this possible, you may ask? The answer is my unique FlowStateTM method, a proven formula inspired by six simple questions that cuts to the core of any challenge or frustration, so that customers and colleagues will be bowled over by just how marvellous your team has become.

The Mindset Advantage is definitely NOT ‘pink and fluffy’ positive thinking. It’s a pragmatic, real-world, results-focused way of boosting individual and team performance. The training approach is highly interactive and all models and theories are applied to current, real-life challenges faced by the delegates so that they return to the coalface with specific goals and the tools to make it happen.
Yes, I want my team to wow me every day!


“After exploring my Values with David, I was rewarded with a tremendous feeling of clarity, flow and contentment...”

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“Then, we all met Dave Hare...wow. Dave, I cannot tell you what a big impact our first session had on me...”

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“Being coached by David made a huge difference to a challenging time I was facing and helped me make, with greater clarity...”

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“My personal development has really hit home over the last 6/7 weeks. I can understand why I behave the way I do, say the things...”

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“[...] I always let my lack of confidence hold me back. Over the past twelve months we have all been encouraged to be open and honest with how we feel and this has totally changed my mindset”

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